How to Make an Artist Miserable

One time, my boss asked me to draw a portrait of his children. I didn’t want to do it. In order to draw a picture, I have to want to draw it. Drawing is hard, tedious work. I can’t spend three or four hours huddled over a piece of paper if there’s no passion in my heart. But my boss kept on hounding me. A couple of weeks later, when I reluctantly agreed to draw his children, he gave me a tiny, tiny photo of them. I could barely see their faces at all. I couldn’t make out any detail. In fact, the kids didn’t even appear to have noses.

That portrait was one of the biggest headaches I’ve ever experienced.

Soon afterward, I learned how to say no to people. Now my life is much smoother. I’m no longer burdened with a bunch of unwanted assignments. My schedule isn’t cluttered with pictures I don’t want to draw. I don’t live at the mercy of other people. I only draw the pictures I want to draw.

How to Make an Artist Miserable is more than a grumpy rant. It’s a book about the ways I’ve learned to cope with annoying people. Yes, it’s short. But it’s the most raw, honest, sincere, vulnerable book I’ve ever written. (I wrote most of it in the wee hours of the night in a little restaurant in Alabama while drinking coffee and eating pecan pie.)

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